Big Bold Bloom 2! Supplies

Supplies for this class include:
– fresh flowers and light source (you may enjoy also using photographs or silk flowers)
– sketchbook 9″ x 12″ or larger
– various drawing tools and markers including: oil and chalk pastels; vine charcoal; Sharpie markers, water soluble markers and crayons; colored pencils; soft lead pencil
– Acrylic paints (I love sample sized house paints in combination with acrylic paints in tubes or jars. Golden or any regular brand.)
– Medium sized Gloss Medium, I like Liquitex, any brand will do
– soft rubber brayer 3- or 4-inch
– tracing wheel for sewing patterns (I call this the dot dot dot 🙂
– variety pack of colored tissue paper
– pack of neutral colored tissue paper with some black if not in your variety pack
– pad of rice paper – 12″ x 18.” (Rice paper also comes in rolls, too, but pad is easiest)
– variety of brushes: 1- and 2-inch “throw away brushes” from the hardware store; round or angled long handled brush size 10 is nice, whatever you have is fine
– rags
– Spectrafix non-toxic pastel fixative
– optional but fun: pipe cleaners 🙂
– Canvases:
three or four 12″ x 12″
three or four 11″ x 14″
two 24″ x 30″
two 24″ x 24″
one 36″ x 48″