Faces Mini


Faces Mini
Instructor: Carla Sonheim
A Three-Lesson, “Bite-Sized” Class with Carla Sonheim
Drawing, painting, mixed-media • $25

Now available as a self-study class.

Price: $25.00



In this class we will focus on drawing and painting the human face. We will do nine different assignments that allow you to approach your subjects fast, slow, messily, neatly, realistically, abstractly — all to help ferret out your own unique and personal style.

We will draw from live models, from photos, and our imaginations. We’ll use watercolor, pencil, pastels, and colored pencils to create 50 quick faces by the end of the week. End goal: You don’t want to draw faces like me or anyone else — you want to draw like YOU!

Take this class if you want to try your hand at different drawing styles and methods, love the human face, or want to start developing your own unique face “style.”

Note: This is a shortened, re-filming of “Faces 101,” one of my first online classes. The exercises in this new version are the same… the only difference is the presenter is a little more confident on camera. 😉

* * *

Your itinerary:

Lesson 1
Blind contours, wrong-handed drawing, and watercolor faces
Tuesday, October 27th

Lesson 2
Contours, one-liners, and realistic drawings
Wednesday, October 28th
Optional Assignment
10 scribbly faces from life
Thursday, October 29th
Lesson 3
Shading, eraser drawings, pastel faces
Friday, October 30th

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Price: $25.00


For this class you will need several sheets of smooth card stock or drawing paper, an 8″x10″ sheet of watercolor paper (I use 140# hot press Fabriano paper), watercolors, a #12 round brush (or similar), pencil with eraser, pastels (or PanPastels), kneaded rubber eraser, colored pencils.