“Best of” (Lessons from Our Teachers)

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Hi everyone!

We want to celebrate our artist-teachers as part of our 10 year anniversary!

In this “Best of” collection, you will find a lesson from each of our current teachers. There were over 400 lessons to choose from, but for this collection we tried to pick ones that stood on their own. We hope they will inspire you, give you some new ideas or just remind you of a class you have taken. All of the lessons are part of longer classes; some can be projects in themselves and some provide a window in the teaching style of our 17 teachers!

Even though all of these artists are different, in personalities and style, the thing they all have in common is a love for creativity and a generous willingness to share it. Please enjoy these lessons!


The lessons in this collection:

Alison O’Donoghue | Birds on Birds | Lesson 3 | Acrylics
Anita Lehmann | The Beauty of Composition | Lesson 4 | Watercolor, Collage
Anne Marie Grgich | The Collage Techniques of Anne Marie Grgich | Lesson 2 | Collage
Bari Zaki | Buttonhole Stitch Journal | Lesson 1 | Bookbinding
Cat Bennett | Making Art a Practice | Lesson 3 | Drawing, Watercolor
Cori Dantini | Mixed-Media Girls | Lesson 1 | Drawing, Watercolor
Diane Culhane | Doings of a Doodle | Lesson 3 | Drawing
Fred Lisaius | Big Juicy Watercolor | Lesson 1 | Watercolor
Kara Kramer | Improv Collage | Lesson 3 | Collage
Karine Swenson | Diving Deeper into Abstraction | Lesson 1 | Painting
Lendon Noe | Inspired by Place | Lesson 4 | Drawing
Lynn Whipple | Wordplay Painting | Lesson 2 | Drawing & Painting
Melinda Tidwell | Fine Art Collage | Lesson 4 | Collage
Nelleke Verhoeff | Creating Simple Characters | Lesson 2 | Drawing & Collage
Stephanie Hargrave | Modular Encaustic Paintings | Lesson 2 | Drawing & Encaustic
Tracie Lyn Huskamp | Birds and Butterflies | Lesson 5 | Painting & Collage


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We are grateful to have been a part of so many wonderful things shared by the artists that have taught with us. This collection contains a lesson from each of our current teachers that we hope will inspire you, maybe give you some new ideas or just remind you of a class you have taken.

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