Paint Your Garden

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In this six-lesson class you’ll explore six different acrylic painting techniques with Diane Culhane. You’ll then apply these techniques to complete three paintings of your garden—real or imaginary!

Now available as a self-study class.

TEACHER: Diane Culhane

Class Description

We will explore six different painting techniques that deal with how we touch the surface of our paintings and the characteristics of the paint itself, including:

Sgraffitto, Masking, Frottage Texturing and Blown Blots.

These techniques will become essential tools, not only for creating areas of mystery and intrigue in your work, but also for inspiring new ideas as your paintings evolve.

We will start by making test paintings of each technique to discover how viscosity and the physicality of the surface play a foundational role in the creation of a painting.

Our test paintings will then become an opening conversation, leading the way to three completed paintings of your garden, real or imaginary.

Class Itinerary

Lesson 1: Sgraffito & Stippling
Lesson 2: Paint Your Garden!
Lesson 3: Masking & Drawing Gum
Lesson 4: Paint Your Garden!
Lesson 5: Frottage & Blown Blots
Lesson 6: Paint Your Garden!








Acrylic Paints/ your colors of choice

Flow Acrylics Golden (not necessary, but fun to use)

– Brushes medium sizes

– Old brush for Drawing Gum/ Masking Fluid

– Old stiff brush for Stippling

– Water container

– Laytex gloves

– Watercolor paper gessoed on both sides approx 4.5″x 6″
(You will use about 9 sheets)

– Three Canvas or wood panels about 8″x8″ – 12″x12″

– Masking Tape

– Drawing Gum or Masking Fluid

– Sgraffitto tools to scratch thru the surface. Any sharp instrument can be used – knives, nails, end of a brush, pallet knife or an edge of a credit card.

– Cling wrap

– Straws for blowing blots

– Garden Images

Diane Culhane

Diane Culhane is a professional artist and art educator who lives in West Seattle in a 1910 home, and works out of her studio in Ballard, Building C.

She received her BFA from the University of Utah and Master’s Degree from Seattle University. Diane has taught for The Bellevue School District, Seattle Pacific University, Kirkland Arts Center, Bellevue Arts Museum and currently directs and owns Kelsey Creek Fine Art Camp, ‘Go Go with Van Gogh,’ for children in the summer.

When Diane is not in the studio painting you can find her on her bicycle or hiking. Learn more about her at

Diane’s first book, If You Can Doodle, You Can Paint, was just released by Quarry Books.

Nuts & Bolts

  • This class is now available as a self-study class.
  • Immediately upon class signup, you will receive access to the class videos and corresponding materials.
  • A private Facebook group will be available for you to (optionally) share your artwork and enjoy and learn from the artwork of others. You may also email your teacher directly with questions or feedback.
  • You will have indefinite access to this class.
“I have learned so much and keep going back to the videos to practice and re-create more vignettes. You are a superb teacher , Diane!!!” — Jennifer W.
“Thank you once again for a really fun and informative class, Diane. Keep 'em coming!!!” — Adrian K.