The Best of 365 – Part 2!

Instant access to 90 self-paced video prompts and lessons.

90 Lessons – $12.75 $15

The Best of 365 is a collection of  90 popular prompts from the second year of our 365 class. Beginning June 15th, you will have full (and forever) access to all 90 lessons which might be a short drawing assignment, painting project, visit with an artist, photography prompt, and more. We hope this class will be a little nudge of inspiration and happiness for your creative life.

Access to All Videos Starting June 15th!

TEACHER: Carla Sonheim + Guests

The original 365 class was a two-year project of daily prompts and this second class is a collection of the 90 best ones (we think), in order, from the second year. Some lessons are short projects, some are inspirations and ideas, some are visits with artists and hopefully each day will be a little creative surprise. All the prompts are appropriate for kids and do not require special art supplies. Videos range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes long.

Nuts & Bolts

• Class Begins on June 15, 2020. You will receive access to all 90 videos and can work them at your own pace. If you want to follow along with the group, we will be sending out weekly emails (on Tuesdays!) to remind you which videos to watch that week.

• You will have forever access to all the videos.

• A closed Facebook Group and a Padlet group will be created to (optionally) share your work and meet artists from around the world.

• Please email if you need scholarship assistance.

Our philosophy is that creative activity is really important and we should try to get at it in any way we can… and whenever we can. Please join us!


Most prompts do not require any special supplies… use pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics, collage and more! There is no need to purchase anything new… we encourage you to create with what you have on hand.

“You've got me seeing all around and playing with art materials that had languished. Yay!” — Virginia B.
“This was such a fun class, Carla!” — Sharon F.
“I truly enjoyed every one of them.” — June H.