What Could This Be? The Creative Process of Laurie Rosenwald

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Laurie Rosenwald has published hundreds of drawings in national magazines, authored a bunch of books and you have probably seen her work out in the world. In this class we learn her process of letting go, working fast with no rules or expectations and then turning the chaos into something unexpected and wonderful. Let your mistakes guide you and have fun doing it… a trip not to be missed!

This is an instant access, self-study class.

TEACHER: Laurie Rosenwald

Class Description


The Creative Process of Laurie Rosenwald
An Instant-Access Class!

Draw Like Nobody’s Watching
A Guide to Getting Lost
Quantity, Not Quality
Do the Random Thing
100% Imperfect

What Could This Be?

In this class prolific illustrator Laurie Rosenwald shares her creative process. Laurie writes:

i want to share this fast, carefree way of working because it made my life easier, more fun, and

i know i’m not alone in hating to be alone with a blank piece of paper. this technique is a way to get out of your own way — away from worrying about results. 

Laurie has worked this way professionally for over 30 years and it is the foundation of all of her art, from magazine illustrations to animations to children books and more… Please join us as she shares her creative process!

Bring chaos to your order and
reclaim your human brain.


Now available instantly as a self-study class! This class is a little different than usual as we won’t be running it “live” and therefore won’t have dedicated forums… but you are welcome to upload any drawings to the “Carla Sonheim Presents – Share Your Work” FB page!

Class Itinerary

Lesson 1: Dry Media
Quick and sloppy wins the race! We’ll start by drawing many, many drawings using dry media like charcoal, pencil, and markers. We won’t try to make one good thing. but make a whole bunch of stuff in a hurry. Make 100 or 1000 things! Draw along with me. We are making an archive of pictures, letters, textures, lines, blobs, backgrounds, circles, etc. Try to keep up, but it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s keeping track!

Lesson 2: Wet Media
In this Lesson we will draw and paint with wet media… AND,  squeeze bottle painting! This is REALLY FUN. when you try this technique, you will immediately, easily create swooping, elegant lines. Do squiggles, write words, make lines and shapes galore. Keep going and waste some paper —because drawing is the best, most noble way to use paper — NOTHING is wasted. Keep all your drawings! No editing allowed.

Lesson 3: Preparing Collage Papers
Making your own COLLAGE elements and colored papers will give you an incredible resource. If you use BOTH the handmade colored paper and store bought — it gives your work DEPTH and SOUL.  ‘Don’t Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good.’ SHOW your brushstrokes, let the grain of the paper show through. Make MANY colored papers, to cut up and use any time you want.

Lesson 4: Black & White Collage
Start cutting out bits you like from your pages — your archive of marks, blobs, pictures and letters created in Lessons 1 & 2. Don’t decide where you’re going, but just pick a few elements and let them tell YOU what they could become… let’s say you have three elements — play around with them —and ask yourself, WHAT COULD THIS BE?

Lesson 5: Color Collage
Part 1: Make a bunch of colored bits with colored mark-making tools and papers: alphabets, numbers, noses, etc. Part 2: Work toward a goal — a collage you can GLUE DOWN. Let the elements tell you a story. When it looks right after playing with these elements, then glue that version down, if you want!

Lesson 6: Portrait
Until now we’ve focused on letting the elements we’ve created TELL US what they want to be. Now, we’ll put our illustrator caps on and create a portrait of a person of your choice. We’ll look at some reference photos, then “forget” them. We’ll approach everything with the same level of freedom, but this time we are trying to get from A to B!


For a full list of the supplies you will need, see the tab titled “Supplies” located just under the video screen above.

Supply List

• Paper. SKETCH quality, BIG PAPER is preferable- CHEAPEST white (not newsprint) you can get (often sulphite). 18″x 24″ is a good size (but smaller is fine).
Get LOTS of it. When you start drawing fast make sure you have a LOT of materials — especially PAPER!

• A stack of colored construction paper

• Several sheets of 140lb Watercolor paper or similar (to paint collage paper with)

• Charcoal. ANY charcoal is good. I like medium vine charcoal which is round -from vines! but in sticks is fine too…

• Crayons. Any crayon or oil pastel but Caran d’Ache Neocolor 1 (or 2) is GREATEST! Caran d’Ache Neocolor I Wax Pastel

• Pencils. ANY soft or ordinary pencil, ebony, 6B, 8B….2B…or not 2b! Just not extra fine or hard leads.

• Black Tempera paint. This is very inexpensive paint, non-toxic, and washes out easily.

• Acrylic paint. Black, and other colors of your choice.

• Squeeze Bottle Painting. Either buy a few TULIP bottles, or fill up your own with acrylic paint mixed with water (will demo in Lesson 2).

• Mark-making tools like: household sponge, bits of cardboard, things to make marks with, old toothbrush, Q-tips, paintbrushes (a medium and large)

About the Teacher

Laurie Rosenwald

painter, designer, and principal of rosenworld, rosenwald has published hundreds of drawings in the new yorker, authored “all the wrong people have self-esteem (bloomsbury) and appeared as “woman” on “the sopranos,” a role she was born to play. she also teaches a popular creativity workshop called “how to make mistakes on purpose,” and paints with hot, colored wax- encaustic- a medium much loved by anyone who enjoys the smell of burning flesh. rosenwald speaks swedish like a native new yorker, claims to have won all the usual awards, and has never used an emoji.

Website: https://rosenworld.com
Instagram: @rosenworld

Check out her brand new book, “How to Make Mistakes on Purpose!”

Nuts & Bolts

– This is a new class and the prerecorded videos will be released on the following schedule:

Lesson 1 – Tuesday, March 15
Lesson 2 – Wednesday, March 16
Lesson 3 – Friday, March 18

Lesson 4 – Tuesday, March 22
Lesson 5 – Wednesday, March 23
Lesson 6 – Friday, March 25

– Lewis is available for feedback and help at the Facebook forum or email.

– You will have indefinite access to the class videos and materials.