“Paint Your Garden” Supplies

Supplies Needed 

Acrylic Paints/ your colors of choice

Flow Acrylics Golden (not necessary, but fun to use)

Brushes medium sizes

Old brush for Drawing Gum/ Masking Fluid

Old stiff brush for Stippling

Water container

Laytex gloves

Watercolored paper gessoed on both sides approx 4.5″x 6″
(You will use about 9 sheets)

Three Canvas or wood panels about 8″x 8″ – 12″x12″


Drawing Gum or Masking Fluid

Sgraffitto tools to scratch thru the surface. Any sharp instrument can be used – knives, nails, end of a brush, pallet knife or an edge of a credit card.

Cling wrap

Straws for blowing blots

Garden Images