“The Joy of Mixed-Media Assemblage” Supply List

Here are the supplies you’ll need for “The Joy of Mixed-Media Assemblage” with Lynn Whipple:

– Two or more shallow boxes to work in. These can be either found or store bought; any size, between 1″-4″ deep.

– “Pieces & Parts”: Found items from thrift stores, antique stores, garage sales, the ground… can be anything from metal springs to wooden eggs to old books to ribbons to Scrabble tiles to…? Just gather your stuff!

– Collage fodder. A selection of old papers, new papers, patterned and solid colors. You should also have old family or found photos printed in color on heavy paper to use as a focal point (Lynn recommends  80# or card stock).

– Tools: You might need/want a hand sander, drill, screwdriver, jigsaw, pliers, cutting blade

– Glue: clear silicone and “Yes” glue; also possibly liquid Nails and Aleena’s tacky glue

– Raw Umber acrylic paint; other colors of your choice. (Lynn loves Creamy White and Cadmium Red Deep Hue for her red… Liquitex Basics acrylic Paint work well and are affordable .)

– Liquitex Gloss Medium

– #3 or #4 pencil

– plastic scraper (from the hardware store… even an old credit card will work)

– serrated sewing tracing wheel for “dot dot dot”

– several paintbrushes, range of sizes

– white rag

– container for water

– Plexi glass (you will need to have this cut down to size; you might wait until the class is in session for more details)

– scraps of foam board or wood blocks (again, you might wait for the class for more details)

– picture framing wire,  cut (or carpet) tacks, small screws and screw-in wire holder

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