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headshot of Creating Ink Figures

Creating Ink Figures

These people are so fun and easy.

Hi Everyone! Here is a quick lesson on making ink figures (a la artists Norman Laliberte and Saul Steinberg)!

Supplies needed:

– thick paper
– ink
– white colored pencil
– red soft pastel

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headshot of One-Minute Collages

One-Minute Collages

Get out your big papers and make some quick, BIG collages!

Here is a fun, quick assignment from collage artist Kara Kramer!

Kara is a Brooklyn-based collage artist and illustrator, and her class with us is Improv Collage. Thanks, Kara!

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Check out Kara’s collage class with us!

Improv Collage
with Kara Kramer

headshot of Easy Tombow® Rabbits

Easy Tombow® Rabbits

Enjoy these very EASY Tombow® rabbits... fast and fun, they make great cards, too!

Supplies Needed

— black Tombow® N15 marker (or any water soluble marker)
— watercolor paper
— #12 round watercolor brush(or similar)
— black permanent pen (like a Micron .05)


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headshot of Marbling with Nail Polish

Marbling with Nail Polish

An addictive (and smelly!) project!

Supplies needed:

• 2 or more colors of nail polish

• some stiff paper (I like to use 140# hot press watercolor paper)

• a small tub filled with water

• a sharp object such as a needle or nail

• rag, scissors

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