Cats! Online Class with Carla Sonheim

Three-Lesson Class with Carla Sonheim
Drawing, Watercolor, Mixed Media • $25

Now available as a self-study class.


Price: $25.00


A 3-Lesson, “bite-sized” Lunch Hour Art class!!

* * *

Cat lovers unite!

In this drawing and painting class you will become the cat lady (or gentleman!) you never-wanted-but-secretly-DO-want to be, with cats, cats, and more cats in your home and sketchbooks.

We will create a menagerie of imaginary cats with watercolors, markers, acrylics, and fabric! Each lesson includes a short drawing assignment and a main mixed-media lesson. Watching cat videos optional.

Join me!

(Of course dog lovers are welcome to join, too! I’m working on a “dog” class for Fall 2015.)

Your itinerary:

Lesson 1: Watercolor & Imagination
layered watercolor cat “blob” paintings & a gaggle of kitties from imagination
Tuesday, June 16th


Lesson 2: Markers & Life
loose, expressive cats and drawing from photos and life
Wednesday, June 17th




Lesson 3: Acrylics & Fabric
the quickest acrylic paintings you’ll ever make, and a “bonus” cat pillow lesson
Friday, June 19th


* * *

Join this fun class today! Now available as a self-study class.

Price: $25.00


I’m happy to answer any questions! Please email me at carla[at] and I’ll get right back to you!

For this class you will need watercolors, water soluble markers, watercolor paper, white or cream acrylic paint, white paint pen, watercolor paper and a #12 round brush. Pillow supplies: printer, Fabric Inkjet Sheets, sewing machine, fabric scraps.