Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! Here are some answers to some questions you might have about the “365” Online Class:


I’m afraid I will not be able to keep up with the speed of the class!

This is a “choose-your-own-adventure” class! You can try to do the prompts daily, you can pick and choose the ones that speak to you, or you can simply work the class on more of a “thinking level” in those times of the year when you get really busy!

Our idea is that there is no “falling behind” or “catching up” … the videos/prompts are meant to encourage and nudge, and hopefully entertain too!
But it would be kind of like having a strawberry each day… you either do it and enjoy it or not… no guilt!!

Will this be a video demo each day?  

This class is different in that we are switching up the “demo” aspect up quite a bit and will be focused on creative directives (“Draw 5 lions with your eyes closed!”) rather than lengthy demos.

Some days the videos might be a 10-second animation asking you to draw or write something; others might be a demo/tip/technique days, with a bit of talking and demoing as per usual, but it will be mostly “showing” and will be succinctly edited for brevity. (Short!)

Guest artists might provide a simple creative prompt or studio tip, a do a short interview or studio visit.

For things that require more explanation (such as HOW to do a one-line drawing, for example), there will be some longer videos in the beginning of the year to get the ball rolling.


How you will govern the possible plethora of posts and the sequence of them if there is a task every day!?

We will ask everyone hashtag the prompt their post is responding to… #67, for example, so that even though the Facebook group will be awash with creative ideas, participants will be able to search for that day’s prompt and only those will show up.

In 2018, will there be opportunities to pursue something that you like in a little more depth that can be accomplished in one day, and be able to share that with the group?

Yes! For those that want to work more in-depth with certain prompts, you will be welcome and encouraged to post anything creative that is inspired by the class, at any time.
We will also have two additional Facebook groups that people can join… one for those wanting to go at a slower pace.

Will there be any themes to a given period of time (week, two weeks, or month)?

We want to keep the prompts surprising and open — but yes, there will likely be little mini themes that crop up throughout the year organically. 😀

Do I get forever access like all of your other classes? 

365 is a continuously running class and, starting January 1, 2018, all students will have access via a renewable membership, which runs for one year from the date of purchase. If you would like to have forever access to the year of 365 videos, you can download them to your computer as you go along.