Easy Ink Figures

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Make fun and easy characters using just black ink, a pen and a tiny bit of pastel. Instant access here, or you can add to your account as well… you will not be charged!

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Class Description

Hi Everyone! Here is a quick lesson on making ink figures (a la artists Norman Laliberte and Saul Steinberg)!

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And here are some samples!

Have fun, and post your figures to our Carla Sonheim Presents Facebook Group!

Nuts & Bolts

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  • Immediately upon class signup, you will receive access to the class videos and corresponding materials.
  • A private Facebook group will be available for you to (optionally) share your artwork and enjoy and learn from the artwork of others. You may also email your teacher directly with questions or feedback.
  • You will have indefinite access to this class.
  • thick paper
  • ink
  • black pen
  • paintbrush
  • red soft pastel
  • white colored pencil
“Love the technic” — Angela K.
“Ink explorations were a lot of fun!” — Masha T.
“Wanna do it again and again...🙂 Thanks Carla, for all your beautiful and fun inspiration!” — Bojoura S.