Fairy Tale Illustration

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This special 8 week self-study class is based on our “Year of the Fairy Tale” yearlong class. Each lesson includes a different mixed media technique for making illustrations based on some favorite stories including:  “The Frog Princess,” “The Princess & the Pea,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Cinderella,” “The 12 Brothers,” and more!

Now available as a self-study class.


TEACHER: Carla Sonheim

Class Description

Hi! My name is Carla Sonheim. In 2014, I held a year-long online class “Year of the Fairy Tale.” During our year together we drew, painted, and illustrated eight different fairy tales, including “The Frog Princess,” “The Princess & the Pea,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Cinderella,” “The 12 Brothers,” and more!

We had the best year! And by request I’m offering this class again, this time as an 8-week class. Each week you will receive both a drawing/sketchbook assignment and a technique-based, mixed-media project via professionally produced videos (8 weeks = 8 fairy tales)!

If you were part of “Year of the Fairy Tale” and would like to join the fun this summer at no additional cost, please email me at carla[at]carlasonheim.com and I will put you on the list!

Class Itinerary

Week 1 – The Frog Princess

Week 2 – Blondine, Bonne Biche & Beau-Minon

Week 3 – The Princess & the Pea

Week 4 – Little Red Riding Hood

Week 5 – The 12 Brothers

Week 6 – Cinderella

Week 7 – The Magic Horse

Week 8 – The Lily & the Lion




Following is a very general supply list for the Year of the Fairy Tale class. Hopefully you will already have many of the items already, or can easily subsitute with what you have on hand. (Links provided are just for clarification purposes; please don’t feel you need to purchase exactly what’s linked!)

General Supply List for “Year of the Fairy Tale”

Paper: For the mixed-media projects I will demonstrate mostly on my favorite go-to paper, Fabriano Artistico hot-press 140# watercolor paper (the equivalent of 6-8 22″x30″ sheets for the year). You can also use illustration boardcold-press paper (which is rougher), or any other paper you feel comfortable working with that can handle wet media, such as watercolor, acrylics and gel medium. In addition, we’ll explore drawing and painting on different surfaces such as Yupovellum paper, and tracing paper.

Sketchbooks: I plan to do the sketchbook assignments two different ways; with small sketchbooks that I carry around in my purse (such as a hand-book 5.5″ x 5.5“), and also some inexpensive paper (either card stock from an office supply store, or newsprint). In the end, just choose a size/brand that you like to work with!

Watercolors: I use a small set of Pelikan watercolors, but any set — pan or tube — will work fine.

Acrylics: I will be demonstrating with Holbein Acryla GouacheBlickacrylics, and some Golden Fluid paints. (However, I’m not particularly brand specific, so if you already have acrylic paints on hand, use those!)

White Gesso: I prefer Golden, as it’s a little thicker than many other brands.

Mediums: You will need a matte or a gloss medium (“regular” fluidity).

Spray Fixative: I like Krylon low odor, but anything that will “fix” charcoal, pastel or pencil will work.

Brushes: My favorite watercolor brush is a #12 round (any brand). For acrylics, I often use flat brushes in various sizes.

Pencils, Pens, Erasers: I like inexpensive mechanical pencilsballpoint pens and Sharpies! I also like Microns, black Tombows, and watersoluble markers (any brand, even inexpensive ones). We’ll work with colored pencils (any brand). I mostly use a kneaded rubber eraser.

Pastels: I will demonstrate with two or three colors of PanPastels (you can choose colors you like). If you don’t want to buy PanPastels, any brand of chalk pastels will work fine. We’ll also explore oil pastels; just one or two colors you like is fine.

Charcoal: I like soft vine charcoal.

Carla Sonheim

Carla Sonheim is a painter, illustrator, and creativity workshop instructor known for her fun and innovative projects and techniques designed to help adult students recover a more spontaneous, playful approach to creating.

Carla is the author of three instructional art books, including Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun; Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals: A Mixed-Media Workshop and The Art of Silliness: A Creativity Book for Everyone. In 2012 she co-authored Creative Photography Lab with her husband, Steve Sonheim. They live in Seattle, WA.

Nuts & Bolts

  • This class is now available as a self-study class.
  • Immediately upon class signup, you will receive access to the class videos and corresponding materials.
  • A private Facebook group will be available for you to (optionally) share your artwork and enjoy and learn from the artwork of others. You may also email your teacher directly with questions or feedback.
  • You will have indefinite access to this class.
“Still my favorite class” — Marty Y.
“I loved this class and enjoyed myself thoroughly.” — Laura L.
“Looking back so much learned and so much inspiration... ” — Jacobijn V.