Inspired by Place

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Looking for inspiration? Lendon Noe takes us on an exploration of our most significant places, past and present. We will be working with painting, drawing, collage and photography to create a variety of finished art, including maps, books and other mixed media. 

Now available as a self-study class.

TEACHER: Lendon Noe

Class Description

Meaning Making: Inspired by Place

We are moving from the home in which we have lived for 20 years. I have loved this place. It’s really hard to believe it’s been 20 years!

What are the significant places in your life? I’ll show you how I’ve come to notice and pay attention to the places in my life—such as my home and neighborhood—and make them into sources of inspiration for my art. 

Please join me in working on a series of projects that are designed to help focus our attention on our most important places will take some of the everyday objects in our lives and turn them into meaningful art that will stay with us forever.  

Together we’ll create mixed media drawings, maps and paintings that can either stand on their own or be assembled into handmade books and flipbooks that will hopefully lead into some significant works of art!

Come join us.



Class Itinerary

Lesson 1 – Sketchbook Warmups
Our focus in this class is on our significant place. Your place may be in the landscape, others may be in the city and architectural. Our only requirement is a connection that we have forged. Let’s start by doing some small warm ups in a loose and abstract way in our sketchbook using  only three values, then we’ll do a couple of bigger versions with torn paper collage. Begin photographing your significant place, adding printouts to your sketchbooks.

Lesson 2 – Map!
Where is your significant place located in the grand scheme of things? Let’s make a map! Actually, let’s make two, one by masking roads and one not.  I’ll give you plenty of good “how to” as we explore our territory.

Lesson 3 – Enhancing the Memory of Place
In this lesson we will be using a series of “creative prompts and constraints” to draw inspiration from our significant place. It’s a recipe that includes a rubbing, a French curve, some drawing and a little collage. Fun!

Lesson 4 – Let’s Take a Walk!
In this project (over two lessons), we are going to create a little flip book that documents a favorite walk.  We start by making photographs and then narrow our walk down to seven steps by doing some quick contours in our sketchbook.

Lesson 5 – Flip It
Now we will develop our images from the last lesson into a flip book using 4″ x 6″ card stock and some markers. It’s quite spectacular to watch our walk take place before our eyes. I will show you a simple Japanese stab binding you can use to hold it together.

Lesson 6 – The Book of the Interior
In our last lesson we will focus on an interior and make a slightly funky book often called a flexagon. It creates a pleasing square folded form as well as a pleasing full page spread of squares within a square when unfolded. We will use our cameras and focus on what might be defined as still life. We will be looking for the quiet moment, the still moment (this reminds me of Eudora Welty) and we will be focusing particularly on light and dark. But before we finish, we will jazz our photos up with some mixed media experimentation. 


• Sketchbook: Your choice, many wonderful ones on the market. I have enjoyed Kunst and Papier.

• scrap papers and text scraps for collage

• Markers: You really only need 3 markers, one thin line black (I like a Micron .03), one middle grey medium tip, one black medium tip (I have enjoyed Prismacolor but beware, they bleed and Tombow greyscale which have the advantage of a brush tip.) Using other greys is optional.

• template for small squares and rectangles

• steel ruler

• camera (cell phone camera is fine)

• 4 or 5 sheets of watercolor paper 11″x 14″, hot press, at least 140lb,( Fabriano is a good brand but there are many others.)

• Watercolors (a limited palette is all that is needed)

• walnut ink (I use Daniel Smith)

• Masking fluid (try Daniel Smith or Sennelier)

• graphite pencil and Lyra 2B Graphit water soluble stick

• Pilot parallel pens with two or three nib sizes (or your favorite pens)

• One small bag dried beans!

• tissue paper, white, off white, or neutral grey

• French curve

• glue stick and/or mat medium and brush.

• 4″x 6″ or 5″x 7″ (approximate) card stock, clips and thread, hole punch or awl, needle.

• Vellum – Several sheets of 8.5″x11″

• 2 sheets 22″x30″ black paper, (Stonehenge Black)

• mixed media tools (pastels, watercolor crayons, etc.)


• Alphabet and number stamps and stencils

• small brads and /or wax seal

• camp stool

Lendon Hamilton Noe is a native of Jackson, Tennessee, where she has been a Professor of Art at Lambuth University, Head of the School of Arts and Communications, and Chair of the Visual Art Department. She taught primarily, drawing, painting and design. She graduated from Rollins College in Florida, earning the BA in Art and English Literature. She studied in Denver at the Rocky Mountain School of Art and then returned to Tennessee and completed an MS in Art Education at UT Knoxville. She completed her MFA in Painting and Mixed Media at Vermont College. Her work includes oil painting, original prints, mixed media, and installation.

Nuts & Bolts

– This class is now available as a self-study class.
– Immediately upon class signup, you will receive access to all of the class materials.
– You will have indefinite access to this class.

“Lendon, I enjoyed this class and your teaching so much. Thanks for the ideas and challenge to work looser.” — Gleny B.
“Loving my 3rd class with you Lendon❣️ I am working away in my sketchbook and will be for a time. I am enjoying the process so much.” — Patti S.
“I love learning from people who teach from their heart, and look forward to applying the ideas in this class to my future projects. ” — Lisa C.