Here is a hodgepodge of drawing, painting and mixed-media tutorials collected over the years. Please enjoy them and share with your friends!

Tutorials & Drawing Assignments

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Here is a quick assignment from collage artist Kara Kramer!

Kara is a Brooklyn-based collage artist and illustrator, and her class with us is Improv Collage. Thanks, Kara!

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Enjoy these very EASY Tombow® rabbits… fast and fun, they make great cards! Upload your creations to our Facebook Group page:

Have fun!




Supplies Needed

— black Tombow® N15 marker (or any... Read More

Hi Everyone! Here is a quick lesson on making ink figures (a la artists Norman Laliberte and Saul Steinberg)!

Supplies needed:

– thick paper – ink – white colored pencil – red soft pastel

And... Read More

Marbling with Nail Polish – Art Tutorial with Carla Sonheim from Silly U on Vimeo.


Above you will find a short tutorial on how I’ve been marbling with nail polish.... Read More

Hello! While we were in Florida shooting Lynn Whipple’s “The Joy of Collage” class, we also were able to shoot Lynn talking about this brilliant little project, a “Best... Read More

“Crazy Bird” watercolor, pastel and crayon on cut paper.

Here is a short tutorial of the “Crazy Birds” project that I taught 5th graders in Beijing, China! The video shows... Read More

In this video, artist/teacher Diane Culhane demonstrates an acrylic painting project using both the positive and negative spaces. Have fun!

_____ Diane is a painter and art educator living in Seattle. She... Read More

Here is a quick and fun way to make original paper dolls… a perfect thing to do with your kids or to nurture the kid inside you… because we’re... Read More


One of the labs in “Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists” is called Abstracted Minutia, in the chapter “Inspired by Nature. Following is a more elaborated tutorial than found in... Read More

How do you SHADE an animal that you’ve created from your imagination? There are two things I think about when shading imaginary creatures.

First, I imagine a light source, such as... Read More

Hello! Today’s tutorial is sort of a Take It Further option of Chapter 5 from “Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals“: Abstract Watercolor Starts.

I will be showing you how I... Read More



1. Grab a small sketchbook or stack of drawing paper and a pen or a pencil (any kind). I used an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie... Read More

_____________________ Animals in Tape: Mini Tutorial _____________________

Supplies Needed: • Several different kinds of Washi masking tape (or even just regular masking tape) • Mechanical pencil • Smooth paper, about 5″x7″ (I use Fabriano Artistico... Read More

Learn how to build color very slowly, using multiple layers of transparent colors. Read More
Super Easy Watercolor Birds

This little tutorial will hopefully dispel some myths about watercolor being “impossible.” Yes, it does have kind of mind of its own sometimes, but that’s part... Read More

Layered Poodle

Here is a step-by-step process of how I might layer markers, colored pencils, and pencil when working in my sketchbooks (you can see more sketchbook drawingshere and here!)


I drew... Read More

Abstracted Flowers


When I posted the above flowers a few weeks ago, many of you expressed an interest as to how I made them! So following is a quick tutorial... Read More

Oaxacan Dotted Elephant

This elephant is inspired by beautiful Oaxacan wood animal carvings. Here’s how to do it:

STEP 1: Doodle some scribbly elephants in your sketchbook. Pick the one  you... Read More

The Walking Elephant

For today’s assignment, please grab some paper and charcoal (or any writing utensil that you are comfortable using), and watch this video!

(Remember, “gesture drawings” are quick sketches... Read More