Inspired by Place

Thank you for signing up for this class! In this third class of Lendon’s Meaning Making series, she will lead us on an exploration of our most significant places, past and present. we will work with painting, drawing collage and photography to create a variety of finished pieces including maps, books and frameable art.

Class Dates: February 26 – March 14, 2019


Hello! So happy to have you join me!

Our focus in this class is on our significant places. Your place may be in the landscape, others may be in the city and architectural. Our only requirement is a connection that we have forged.

Please gather your supplies and we’ll see you again soon!


P.S. The class Facebook group is now open! Please click the link below, ask to join and introduce yourselves!


Class Schedule

Tues, Feb 26 – Lesson 1
Thur, Feb 28 – Lesson 2

Tues, March 5 – Lesson 3
Thur, March 7 – Lesson 4

Tues, March 12 – Lesson 5
Thur, March 14 – Lesson 6

A private Facebook group will be available for you to (optionally) share your artwork and enjoy and learn from the artwork of others. You may also email your teacher directly with questions or feedback. The group will open the Friday before class begins.