Translating Landscape

The landscape is a gentle way of exploring the elements that are integral to making meaningful work: line, value, color, shape, edges, composition. In this 6-lesson class we will use our study of landscape to work at finding our unique mark, learning and reinforcing design concepts, drawing with intent, and simplifying.



Hello Creative Adventurers.

Thank you so much for signing up for this class!

This 6-lesson class introduces you a wisdom, that to draw something is to fully understand it; a fact-finding mission through a drawing/design process. Let’s together realize that drawing connects us to our experience, with an intimacy not otherwise possible. 

One simply holds a mark making tool in one’s hand and the artist’s touch becomes elemental and we can see how much an artist can do with a pencil, a pen, a brush, a stick. 

Importantly, we will learn how distinctive each artist’s language of mark making can be. 

Utilizing tools of watercolor, pastel, charcoal, and graphite in design, our investigations will open your awareness to a successful studio practice. It will be an adventure, come on along for a ride; ‘into the wilderness’.

Ready for the adventure? I am. Here we go.