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DRAW! Sample lesson

This is the first “bonus” video I did for the class. It’s a silly/fun exercise (the lessons get progressively more and more “real”), but hopefully it will give you an idea of my teaching style and what you would receive each day in this 21-day class.
Each day’s video & assignment will be housed at the class blog.

Day 0 – Draw! from Silly U on Vimeo.
If you are having trouble viewing the video via this Typepad blog, try going directly to the vimeo site:
Here are the drawings I made during the video, and the last one is one that I “took further” by adding some pencil shading.
Prompts were: Elephant, Tree, Bird
Prompts (courtesy of Steve) were: Porcupine, Walnut, Fire Truck
Even though this drawing assignment was for fun only, I still thought some of the drawings had potential! This porcupine was enhanced with a little bit of pencil shading (I used a 2B mechanical pencil).
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