“Gelli Plate PLUS” with Carla Sonheim


Gelli® Plate Plus
with Carla Sonheim
One-Week, 3-Lesson Class • $25
Monotype Printmaking, Mixed Media

Now available as a self-study class.

Price: $25.00


I love working with my Gelli Plate to create unique abstracted landscapes, the process of which I teach in the Introductory Class (details here). In “Gelli Plate Plus,” we’ll learn two new monotype printmaking techniques (painting on the plate and “carving” transparent layers).


In addition, we’ll go through some old “almost-there” work one-by-one to determine exactly what they need to become a unique, finished piece of art. (Printmaking has a high “failure” rate, but there are lots of ways to save them!)


We’ll add animals, people, and more with watercolor, gesso, pencil, marker, colored pencil, charcoal, and collage! dreaminggirl

Join Today! One-week, 3-video class begins September 8, 2014.

Price: $25.00

Class Outline
Monday (Video/Assignment)- Monotype Paintings
Wednesday (Video/Assignment) – Carving Transparent Images; Watercolor
Friday (Video/Assignment) – Mixed-Media Mania

Student Supply List:

  • a Gelli Plate (a product by Gelli Arts that looks and feels like gelatin), any size (I will be using an 8″x10″ size)
  • Two brayers (I like the 4″ size) (Can also just use one brayer, but I will demo with two)
  • Red, blue, yellow, black, white OPEN acrylic paint. (Alternatively, you can get a medium that extends the drying time of your regular acrylic paints)
  • Gel medium
  • small amount of white gesso (I prefer Golden)
  • small set of watercolors (cake or tube is fine)
  • a selection of paint brushes
  • Scissors, glue stick, collage
  • mechanical pencil, black ballpoint pen
  • small set of colored pencils
  • water soluble and/or permanent markers
  • Soft Vine Charcoal
  • spray fixative
  • small set of pastels (I like PanPastels)
  • Eight c. 7″x10″ sheets of 140# hot press watercolor paper (or similar)
  • Leftover prints from previous classes
  • NOTE: Though it is recommended, you do not need to have taken “Gelli Plate Printmaking” to take this class. However you will need at least four started gelli prints to work into with mixed media, preferably on #140 pound watercolor paper (or similar).


Note: This class has “forever” access; once you sign up, you will have access to the class materials indefinitely. Thanks!