Painting with Junko Yamamoto

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Junko Yamamato is a very accomplished conceptual artist and painter. She is also a delightfully warm and generous teacher. In this class she takes us step by step through her process of using brushes, squeeze bottles, brayers and stencils to create a large painting full of depth, color and discovery. We are grateful to have her working with us!

Now available as a self-study class!

TEACHER: Junko Yamamoto

Class Description

Painting with Junko Yamamoto
6 Lessons

One of my latest projects was a series that I titled “All is One.” I wanted to show the connectedness we all have with each other through this abstract work.

In this class we will use paintbrushes, stencils, and printmaking brayers to build an acrylic painting that explores the space between layers. We will start with bright colors and then add multiple layers of brayer work. I’ll guide you through the fun (and challenging!) process of selecting windows and making shapes to hold our discoveries. Accidental color combinations guide us though each step as we add more complexity and detail.

This is a pretty accessible way to make an abstract painting and I hope it will  inspire new perspectives on dynamic contrast and harmony in your artwork… please  join me!


From Junko’s “All is One” Series:


Lesson Itinerary

Lesson 1: First Layers
In this first lesson we will enjoy making a mess on your pristine wood panels with several layers of acrylic paint. Enjoy this meditative step!

Lesson 2: Brayer Layers
Texture! Lots of paint! In this lesson we will apply up to 10 additional layers of color with a brayer. You will push and pull values, colors, shapes and texture.

Lesson 3: Creating Sections
In this lesson you will create an overall structure for your painting. Begin isolating areas you like and doodling on the surface with paint.

Lesson 4: Stencils: Finding Your Shapes
You will design and create several stencils using shapes that are special to you.

Lesson 5: Stenciling
Now we will choose the where and how much to stencil. Since these elements are so different from the underlying layers, we will proceed slowly, paying attention to both placement and opacity of paint to best work within the composition as a whole.

Lesson 6: Accents and Finishing
Finally, we will add add smaller line elements with a squeeze bottle applicator to add interest to the painting when viewed up close and tie the whole thing together.


• a selection of acrylic paints (Junko prefers Golden Fluids).  Junko recommends the primary colors (yellow, blue, red), white and raw umber. (No need to purchase these, but Junko’s favorite colors are GOLDEN Manganese blue hue and she likes the following Pinks from Sennelier: Rose Quinacridone #658 and Rose Fluorescent #654.)

• gloss medium (like this one)

• brushes of various sizes and shapes, including a stencil brush (Junko makes her own with inexpensive 1/2″- 3/4″ rounds)

• 20″ x 20″ canvas or similar

• soft brayer

• mixing palette

• mixing knife

• squeeze bottle applicator

• for stencils: Sharpie, exacto knife, cutting mat, transparency film

Optional: vinyl gloves

Junko Yamamoto, a Tokyo-born multimedia artist, has been drawing since the age of 3 and knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue a career in art. While oil painting has been her primary medium, she also engages in printmaking and produces mixed media installations.

Junko has exhibited at the venues including 3331 Arts Chiyoda(Tokyo), SAM Gallery(Seattle) and Out of Sight 2017(Seattle), Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo), Seattle Asian Art Museum, Westcott House(Springfield Ohio), ARTS at King Street Station (Seattle), GAS Gallery(Torino Italy). Her public/private collections include Children and Family Justice Center, Harborview Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, UW Medicine, Microsoft and Google.

She has received a 4Culture Individual Art Grant, an Emerging Artist Grant Award from the Allied Arts Foundation, a GAP Award from Artist Trust and an invitation to the Professional Artist-in-Residence Program at the Pratt Fine Arts Center. She is a member of the Japanese artist collective and represented by J Rinehart Gallery where she will have her solo show in August of 2023. She lives and works in Seattle WA.

Nuts & Bolts

– Lessons are prerecorded and you will have instant access upon signup.

– Private Facebook and Padlet groups will be available for you to (optionally) share your work and receive comments from the instructor and fellow students.

– You will have forever access to this class.