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Making a seeded notebook is like someone taking your work, mixing it up in a blender and then showing you all kinds of new things about your work and yourself. This is an essential process for Henrik in all his work and it is so easy and so much fun. These handmade books go way beyond a normal sketchbook!

Now available as a self-study class.

TEACHER: Henrik Drescher

Class Description

Class Description

Danish born artist and illustrator Henrik Drescher, has over 50 illustrated books to his name including The Boy Who Ate Around, a 1994 New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book. We are honored to host this class with him. He writes:

“Since an early age I’ve been an image scavenger. My mind has always been alert to image debris, keeping ideas and images in books, which then spill into my painting and illustration.”

In this class we’re going to build a ‘Seeded’ Notebook,’ which is a handmade book that you create by using your own drawings and flotsam and jetsam that you collect. We start with large sheets of randomly collaged paper, cut them up, bind them and then “work into” each spread with mixed media. The result is random, fun, and magical — and will reveal a fresh way to see your own work. For Henrik, this process is at the heart of all his new projects and books.

Some of Henrik’s illustration and book work:



Some of Henrik’s Seeded Notebook work:


Class Itinerary

Lesson 1 – Collage Material
Curating and gathering  collage material using as much of your own work as possible, you can cut up old drawings or photocopy them, use family photos, tickets, shopping lists, etc… whatever you choose as picture material will reflect who you are and will act as an instigator of creativity.

Lesson 2 – Seeding Your Notebook
Here we create our large sheets of random collage.

Lesson 3 – Binding Your Seeded Notebook
In this lesson we cut the collages into to smaller sections and bind them with a simple technique.

Lesson 4 – The Seeds Blossom
Now we begin to work in our magical book, using the image ‘seeds’ to inspire drawings using FW ink, colored pencils, added collage  etc.

Lesson 5 Frankenstein Pens & Godzilla Markers
In this lesson, we play with some hand made drawing tools including the squiggle writer, my makeup eyeliner conversion pen, and Posca paint markers

Lesson 6 – Connecting the Dots
We will continue working with ink, watercolor, and ‘frisket’ to transform the randomness into something new.


Full Supply List

• Glue sticks (more than one)

• FW ink (white is a must, the rest are my suggestions): White, Marine blue, Indian yellow, Crimson

• Masking tape

• X-acto knife and box cutter (if you have one)

• Cutting mat

• scissors

• hair dryer

• Posca® markers

• Any drawing tools that you love to use.

• DRAWING PAPER: You will make 3-5 large collage sheets. I like to use white paper and one or two colored sheets such as brown or grey

Canson Mi-Teintes Drawing Papers are a good size.


Hunt #512 is a good solid nib

PAPER INK ARTS is a great place to buy nibs etc.

• Optional:



Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio Brown Tint Pen Makeup


Prismacolor Premier Brush Tip Marker, Black

Henrik Drescher was born in Denmark his family immigrated to the United States when he was 13.

Henrik Drescher has published over 40 books, most of them for children.

His work encompasses the fields of illustration, children’s books, book-arts  and painting, his work is in the collections of the Getty museum, the Victoria and Albert museum, the museum of modern art and the library of congress which honored him with a retrospective exhibition.

He and his Hong Kong born wife currently divides their time between Brooklyn and Yunnan china.



Nuts & Bolts

– The videos are pre-recorded and you have instant access upon signup.

– Private Facebook and Padlet groups will be available for you to (optionally) share your work and receive comments from the instructor and fellow students.

– You will have indefinite access to this class.