Big Bold Bloom Supply List


Supply list:

Three 24″x30″ canvases 

One 36″x48″ canvas 

One Pad of 11″x14″ mixed media paper

Several sticks of vine charcoal 

Nice variety of soft or chalk pastels with some super brights (a good brand of chalk pastel is Rembrandt)

Acrylic paints. I use flat house paints from Home Depot, Lowes or any hardware store that offers sample sized paints. You can also use other tubes or jars of acrylic paint if you prefer.

One reason I like house paints is that you can choose your personal palette from all of the paint chip colors. They will gladly make all the colors you choose in an affordable sample size. If a “flat” finish is not available, eggshell or satin finish works well.

Color Notes:

Neutral grays. You will need a light and dark of a cool gray (leaning towards the blue family) and a light and dark of a warm gray (those with a little more yellow in them)

Lightest light and darkest dark. You will need a bright clean cream color and a black.

Primary colors. You will need at least one light and one dark of red, blue and yellow. (more than 2 or each primary is great too)

Secondary colors. You will need one strong medium orange and 2 interesting greens, both light and dark.

When choosing your Primary and Secondary colors go vibrant, go deep! Go with colors that appeal to YOU! If you love pink, grab a fun pink! We will be able to create and mix any color from these.

Golden fluid acrylics in dark colors such as Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green and Alizarine Crimson are great to add to your palette and help create rich interesting darks. A small amount is all you need.

Spray Varnish to seal your pastels. Kamar Crystal Clear Spray Varnish by Krylon, Golden Archival Spray Varnish or Winsor & Newton Spray Varnish. These all work well. I prefer a Satin finish. Please read the directions on the can for great tips on applying.

A graphite stick or soft lead pencil


Scotch tape or glue stick

Brushes (inexpensive “throw away” brushes from the hardware store are fine) 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch.

One round brush (#8-#10) is nice to create a different brush stroke. (or use any brushes you have already)

Rags or old cut up t-shirts

Paper plates as throw away palettes

Water container for your brushes

A Clip lamp or other bright light source. This will help you see the form of your flowers

A drop cloth if you need to contain your drips and spatters

And of course….FLOWERS! Lovely, beautiful flowers!

You will end up gathering flowers more than once over the course of our 5 weeks 🙂 Add together a nice variety of shapes, colors and greens to your arrangements so that they have lots of inspiration for you. Choose what makes YOU happy and colors that appeal to YOU 🙂

Note: the white powder that often comes in a little packet with your flowers really does extend the life of your flowers. Changing the water and trimming the stems occasionally will also keep your flowers fresh and vibrant longer.