Improv Collage

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In this six-lesson class you’ll learn make quick decisions, trust your hand, and be spontaneous! Inspired by the tradition of improv theatre, Kara Kramer takes a fresh approach to collage, applying a variety of techniques to make a series of compositions—some really small and some really, really large!

Now available as a self-study class.

TEACHER: Kara Kramer

Class Description

Make quick decisions, trust your hand, be spontaneous… that is Improv Collage!

In this class we will explore lots of techniques for creating your main collage ingredient: PAPER!  We will make all different kinds of textures, patterns, colors, words, found imagery, hand-drawn imagery and more!

We will make small, medium-sized and really large collages.

And borrowing from the tradition of improv theatre, we will have fun and stretch ourselves by applying limitations and constraints (such as timed collages or single color compositions).

So if you’re looking for a fresh approach to collage, I hope you can join me to paint, draw, write, cut, glue, and go until you discover what wants to be made through your own collage making.

Class Itinerary

Lesson 1 – Make Collage Papers
Today we are gathering are main ingredient, collage PAPER. Lots and Lots of yummy patterned, painted, mark-made papers. We will explore making solids and patterns to grow your personal collage paper collection. You can use any paper that you have at home: Copy paper, drawing pad paper, even old envelopes would work. Enjoy this time as an experience; infuse PLAY into your collage paper making time.

Lesson 2 – Messy Paper Making
It may seem like you have enough paper, but I like to have a lot of variety. Today we will get a bit messier and explore texture through some improvised printmaking techniques. Words are also a form of texture that can be used to add another layer in your collage. Gather some cut out words either from your journal/sketchbook or from magazines.

Lesson 3 – Timed Collages: 3 minutes
Today we are going to explore timed collages. These 3-minute index-card collages connect you to your intuition and create results that are often unexpected and spontaneous.

Lesson 4 – 18-Minute Collages
Today we are going to continue exploring timed collages but these are a little different in approach and size. They will be 18 minutes and instead of working on an index cards we are going to directly glue the pieces together to build a single piece of paper. Each collage will be a different size and shape depending on your pieces and process.

Lesson 5 – Go Bigger!
Today we will paint, draw and print bigger collage papers to add to our collection. Going bigger requires moving your body differently. This can be both challenging and exciting.

Lesson 6 – Big Collage
We’ve made some bigger collage paper to do you guessed it, a bigger collage! Working larger challenges you to move the body differently and expand your process deeper into the unknown.  It can be scary but remember it’s only paper!

– PAPER – a selection (you can use any type but here are some suggestions below)
– 6 pieces of 22″x30″ paper (I often buy pieces from the damaged pile in the art supply store, much cheaper and I’m going to get them messy anyway. Here are some suggestions below but also feel free to use whatever inexpensive paper you find)
– 2 pieces of 9″x12″ or 8″x10″ rice paper (can also use copy paper for this)
– Few pieces of used journal paper with writing, doodles, or a list with handwriting
– Paint (liquid acrylics, solid acrylics, and or liquid watercolors, use what you have)
– Acrylic markers, at least 2 different colors, below are some brand suggestions: Montana Acrylic Markers, Uni Posca, Liquitex Markers
– Brayer
– variety of brushes
– Stamp pad, 1 color
– Water soluble craypas, crayons, pastels, pencils, anything that can make a mark
– found objects
– Plastic ziploc bag
– Glue sticks, I like Elmers extra strong bought at Staples
– Matte Medium
– Scissors
– India ink (optional)
– pack of 4″x6″ index cards
– timer
– YES glue (I don’t use this in any demo but I think it is great for big collages as it helps keep paper flat)


Paper suggestions:

Strathmore 9″×12″ mixed media drawing paper pad –

Canson mixed media pad 9×12

Bienfang mixed media 9x12pad

Blick Studio Mixed Media pad9x12

22″x30″ suggestions:




Rives BFK

Kara Kramer

Kara Kramer is an artist and illustrator from Brooklyn, NY.

She writes:

“Something happens when I spend hours exploring and working with color, line,  paper, markers, ink, paint, pencils. It is my favorite way to be. I can breathe. Completely. Calmly. Minutes dissolve. I’m fully immersed and focused on what my hands are simultaneously creating and discovering. The time spent making is what drives me to come back day after day. The art is a result of this time, a kind of memory, print, connection to some formless flow that continues to search and develop shape to hold it, have it, know it for a moment. The art shown on this sight and in my studio and in the sidelines waiting to be made is about the joy of creating.”

Kara studied illustration at Washington University as an undergraduate in St. Louis, Mo. A few years later she moved to New York and got an MFA at the School of Visual Arts. See more of her work at or

Nuts & Bolts

  • This class is now available as a self-study class.
  • Immediately upon class signup, you will receive access to the class videos and corresponding materials.
  • A private Facebook group will be available for you to (optionally) share your artwork and enjoy and learn from the artwork of others. You may also email your teacher directly with questions or feedback.
  • You will have indefinite access to this class.
“This class sparked something in me and I feel charged and alive!!! I am so motivated and it‘s making me think in different directions. ” — Bhupali G.
“I have found myself starting the day with painting paper, collaging, cutting circles! Its fun and so very freeing!” — Debbie L.
“I never imagined collage could be so addictive!! Thank you Kara for a lovely, inspiring class.” — Rachel H.