Portraits with Lewis Rossignol

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Artist and Illustrator Lewis Rossignol shares his process for making simple and amazing portraits. This is a laid-back approach to creating images that capture likenesses, and Lewis does it in a fun way using well-known faces as his references. A recommended class for all mixed-media artists!

Now available as a self-study class.

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TEACHER: Lewis Rossignol

Class Description

Lewis Rossignol Redux! We are re-running Lewis’ popular Portraits class from June 25-July 5th! Anyone who has previously purchased this class is welcome to join the fun at no additional charge… just sign up for the email list HERE!)

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Portraits with Lewis Rossignol

Drawing portraits is the most satisfying type of drawing that I do. However, learning to do portraits can be both challenging and maybe even frustrating if you come at it from the wrong angle or with the wrong mindset. This class will help you to actually enjoy drawing portraits. We’ll work on learning on how to draw what you see in a reference photograph, without ruining the fun by worrying about “the rules.” 

We are going to explore how we can use lines, shapes, and shading to build up a portrait that actually looks like the person we’re drawing. I’ll also show you how few marks you can make while still enabling your viewer to identify the subject of your drawing. Most importantly, we’ll stay loose and have fun. By the end of the course you’ll have some finished work, sketches, and a better understanding of how to create recognizable portraits.


Class Itinerary

Lesson 1. Intro and Purposeful Doodling
We’ll begin by seeing how different artists tackle portraits for inspiration. Then we’ll do a fun exercise that will challenge our brains and creativity more than our drawing skills.

Lesson 2. Choosing Reference and Practice Makes Perfect
We’ll start this lesson by talking about what makes a good reference photograph for portraits. Then we’ll do an exercise that shows us the value of repetition and flexibility in drawing portraits.

Lesson 3. Frankensteining a Portrait Together
Here we’re going to experiment with a method of creating a portrait that I call the Frankenstein method. It involves piecing the portrait together through trial, error and collage.

Lesson 4. Slowly Building a Portrait
This lesson will show another method of starting a portrait, through methodically and slowly building from light to dark.

Lesson 5. Lightbox
We’ll take our work from the last two lessons and use a Lightbox to transfer them to some mixed media paper without losing all the looseness that we captured initially.

Lesson 6. Finishing Our Portraits
Finally we’re going to learn how to build on top of the line work with shading and mixed mediums to really capture the likeness of your subject.


Now available as a self-study class. You will have indefinite access to the class videos and materials.

For a full list of the supplies you will need, see the tab titled “Supplies” located just under the video screen above.

Supply List

Note: Lewis has provided links for your convenience, but please feel free to substitute with any supplies you have on hand!


Waterproof Black Pen (I use Uniball roller pens)

Watercolor Brush

Tracing Paper

Mixed Media Paper

Lightbox (you can also use a piece of plexiglass with a lightbulb underneath, or even a window)

— Scissors

— Scotch Tape

Vine Charcoal

Pencils and Eraser

Black Ink


— Posca Markers (we’ll only be using these for 1 lesson, and you can easily substitute crayons or color pencils if you already have those).

— Various Mixed Mediums. We’ll finish our portraits with mixed mediums, so any you have will do. Some of the mediums that I prefer are a Watercolor pan, markers, crayons, color pencils, pastels, white out, and collage. 

About the Teacher

Lewis Rossignol

Lewis Rossignol is a Portland, Maine based visual artist who specializes in combining hand-drawn and collaged imagery. He’s worked with clients including Tyler the Creator, Current Affairs Magazine, and HBO.

Website: www.lewisrossignolart.com
Instagram: @lewisrossignol

Nuts & Bolts

– This is now a self-study class; you will have instant access to the videos upon purchase.

– Lewis is available for feedback and help at the Facebook forum or email.

– You will have indefinite access to the class videos and materials.