Fairy Tale Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you so much for your interest in “2014: Year of the Fairy Tale!”

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

1. The class seems to have started already. Is it too late to sign up?

Of course you can still sign up! The registration for this class will remain open until November 30, 2014.

2. I haven’t drawn since third grade. Will this class be too advanced for me?

I started my drawing journey at age 30, and for that reason I try to create all of my drawing and painting lessons remembering the fragile mental state of mind that those of us coming late to drawing can have.

I believe drawing should first be an enjoyable experience (fun!). All of my drawing and painting exercises are meant to both be approachable for beginners as well as a challenge for more experienced artists to approach their work with an attitude of play and experimentation.

3. Can I download and keep the videos and class PDFs?

Yes. You are welcome to download all class materials and watch them at your own pace for as long as you like. Instructions for downloading videos will be provided at the class blog.

4. How long will I have access to the class materials?

The class content will be up available to you until January 20, 2015. (But remember, you can download the class materials for “forever” access.)

5. I’m super busy in 2014. How much time do you estimate this class will take?

This is a year-long class, but is meant to work into people’s busy schedules and is therefore not as intensive as some of my other, one-week workshops, for example.

I think the minimum amount of time per month would be 4-6 hours, and the maximum, up to 12-16 (or about 3-4 hours per week).

Each participant will have different schedules and time constraints all throughout the year, and I’ve tried to design the class so that it can be done in just a few hours, and you can learn some new techniques and do a piece or two, or you can spend much more time and illustrate 3-4 different parts of a fairy tale.

6. I will be on vacation and miss some of the lessons. Is this a problem?

No. The class is designed to run very organically to accommodate different schedules. For example, you will be able to upload your artwork for any of the lessons at any time, and you need not worry about slowing anyone down, as everyone will move through the class according to their own schedules.

7. Do I have to upload my work?

No. Uploading your work is completely optional, though I highly recommend it! The community of like-minded creatives from around the world is one of the funnest things about online classes (and you c0uldn’t find a more supportive group of people!).

8. Do I have to have a facebook account? 

While Facebook will probably be the main place participants upload work and interact, there will also be a flickr group set up for the same purpose. And, of course, uploading your work is completely optional, so you needn’t have flickr or facebook to enjoy the class.

9. Can I get private feedback on my illustrations?

Yes, just email your images to me at carla[at]carlasonheim.com and I will get back to you promptly, privately.

10. Can people continue to sign up throughout the year?

Yes. Registration for “2014: Year of the Fairy Tale” will close on November 30, 2014.

11. Can I get a refund after the course has started if I’m no longer interested in taking part?

No. Regretfully, refunds can be given before the course starts (January 20, 2014), but not when the course has already started.

12. Can I share the videos and PDFs with other people who are not in the class?

Class fees are good for people living in a single household; families are welcome to sign up as “one” and participate and upload work together. Beyond that, please do not share the course videos and PDFs with your friends or family members.

13. Do you offer a payment plan?

I’ve set up two payment options and hope one will work for you: