Making Faces – Supplies

Here are the supplies needed for this class! If you don’t have the exact materials, you can probably substitute many items with things you already have on hand… email Lynn with any questions!


• Sketchbook
• pad of water color paper 9″x12″
• assorted colored card stock or colored construction paper, tissue paper
• assorted paper with patterns, such as gift wrap or old wallpaper samples
• small stash of found papers from books or journals
• watercolors
• brushes
• acrylic paint
• assorted markers and pens
• ballpoint pen
• glue stick
• pencils
• matte medium
• white pencil, pen or white conte crayon
• water soluble markers and crayons
• soft pastels
• scissors
• selection of assorted photos of faces from magazines or printed from computer
• 10″x10″ simple black frame and matt (or something similar if you already have it)
• 2 small cradled wood panels 8×8 (or something similar if you have it)
• phone camera or camera