The Essence of Still Life – Supply List

Supplies for this class: 
– your favorite selection of everyday items such as cups, bowls, jars, bottles, vases. Choose different shapes and sizes, some taller, some shorter. Think variety and personality.
– one pack of assorted 8.5″x11″ colored paper, card stock is perfect 
– selection of colorful water-soluble crayons, water-soluble pencils and markers
– graphite pencil or regular pencil 
– assorted colors of acrylic paint, be sure to have white. I am using Golden, but any brand will do
– acrylic satin gel medium for a final top coat 
– scraper tool or credit card
– soft rubber brayer 
– assorted brushes and a one inch brush, hardware store brand is fine 
– rag and water bucket
– scotch tape
– three 12″x12″ cradled wood panels, side depth can be 7/8″ or deeper
– one 16″x16″ cradled wood panel, side depth can be 7/8″ or deeper