Intro to Abstract Painting – Supply List

Materials Needed

• BFK Rives paper, one sheet of 22″x30″, torn into smaller pieces, approximately 5″x5″, or a sketchbook (I like Canson Mixed Media books).

• Drawing tools: Char-Koal, charcoal pencils (2B, 3b), or conte crayons. Kneadable eraser.

• Pencil. 2B or darker

• Three painting surfaces, 11″x14″ or larger. Use what you normally like to use: board, canvas, etc. Also, be sure the format of your painting surface is the same as your sketchbook or blank paper (square or rectangular). If you normally work small, get at least one 30″x30″ or larger canvas. If you normally work on a rectangular surface, get at least one square surface, with square paper to match.

• Paint, either acrylic or oil. I will be working in oil paint. Colors recommended: burnt umber, yellow ochre, titanium white, cobalt blue, black, red, cerulean blue, etc. Brands of oil paint I prefer: M. Graham, Utrecht, Georgian, Gamblin… If you are using oil paint, I use turpenoid oderless mineral spirits to thin, when needed.

• Brushes, rags, painting knife, brayer or other painting tools

• Get at least three different brushes. Flat, round, bright size 6 or larger and one large inexpensive brush from the hardware store. (3 inches or larger.

• One small watercolor set (gouache is okay, too).