“Joy Stuff” Supply List


— one or two sketchbooks that you really enjoy. I often use a small one and a larger one and go back and forth. (A sketchbook I enjoy is by Kunst & Papier. I have two, and 8″x8″ square and 11″x11″ square…any mixed media sketchbook will work great.)

— micron .05 pens

— assorted markers and writing tools such as Tombows, watercolor crayons, pastels, pencil, Sharpies

— assorted brushes, including a small one to do lettering

— watercolor set

— black ink and assorted colors if you wish

— Gelli® Plate (I work on an 8″x10″ size). Or, you can also use a large plastic bag (like a ziplock for food in the kitchen), taped down!

— brayer

— acrylic paint

— deli paper (Logan is a brand I found on Amazon)

— tissue paper

— copy paper

— watercolor paper

— construction paper

— notebook paper reinforcement little white rings stickers things

— string

— exacto knife

— found paper or book pages

— glue stick

— rags or paper towels

— scissors

— credit card or plastic scraper

— tape

— gloss or matte medium for collage