Bright Color Scribble Journal Painting

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Welcome to Jennifer’s wonderful world of color and freedom! Take a break from… well, everything, and lose yourself in a big, bright painting through her process of unwinding and building. Technique and Flow!

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TEACHER: Jennifer Mercede

Class Description

Class Description

Hi! I’m Jennifer Mercede. I like to get creative in all kinds of ways. I love to use my imagination, make music, write and — most of all — draw and paint!  I strive to be free & spontaneous, and children’s art is some of my biggest inspiration.

Join me in this class designed to free you up: spend time scribbling, doodling, and just enjoying mark making. We will get into a free-flowing zone where lines, marks and words “stream-of-conscious” onto your painting. Practice trusting your instincts when it comes to color. This class is designed to get you in the moment, not worry about the end result and have fun while creating a large, abstract painting!

Here are samples of the kinds of paintings we will make in this class!

And a selection of paintings.

Class Itinerary

Lesson 1 – Scribble & Drawing Sketchbook Warmups
In this first lesson we will do a couple freeing exercises to get you warmed up, flowing and not thinking about the end result. Scribble according to the prompts given. Get out of your head and into the present moment while you doodle.

Lesson 2 – Draw on Your Boards
Let’s do some free association writing. In the same way we don’t censor the doodles and scribbles that come out, allow words to flow out freely. Don’t worry about proper punctuation and grammar just keep writing words. Also in the lesson we will get started doodling on our boards. Don’t let the fresh new board intimidate you, just start moving your pen around and making marks. Close your eyes if you feel you are trying to control the outcome too much. Get present with thoughts and let them out.

Lesson 3 – Paint!
In this lesson we will start painting! You’ve created a coloring book page for yourself, now have fun coloring it in! Practice mixing your favorite, and not so favorite, colors. Take risks. Move around the board. Spend at least an hour working on this piece.

Lesson 4 – Continue Painting
Let’s continue to fill in the shapes. As you get closer to completing the piece, you will want to step back just a bit and make conscious decisions to balance out the color and size of shapes. Still working intuitively, fill in all the shapes

Lesson 5 – Final Touches
In this final lesson, let’s add some embellishments, or small details on top of the paint. Using your favorite mark makers, both thin and thick tipped, add some doodles in the spaces. You can choose to make subtle additions by working in a similar color, or add bold, contrasting colors to create more busyness. Again you’ll want to step back, squint, and check to make sure the piece feels balanced to you. 


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Full Supply List

• Sketchbook

• Medium/small size brush

• Ballpoint pen

• Acrylic paints, whichever brand you have is the best choice!

• Mark makers- can be any selection of: watercolor crayons, colored pencils, markers of any kind, gel pens 

• 24″x24″ (or smaller or larger) wood panel

Jennifer likes to work on wood because of the harder surface and the fact that it is a smooth surface for the ballpoint pen.

Here are a few options for the wood… you can purchase a wood panel such as this one for about $35 (also, you are welcome to go smaller in size if cost for the 24″x24″ is an issue).

Or you could go to the hardware store and have some birch plywood cut down:

OR… if you like you can use paper. A 140# hot press watercolor paper such as the following would work great!

Hi! I’m Jennifer Mercede. I like to get creative in all kinds of ways. I love to use my imagination, make music, write and most of all, draw and paint! Interesting color combinations intrigue me. I strive to be free & spontaneous. Children’s art is some of my biggest inspiration.

I am a full-time artist living in Portland, OR. I love it here! In addition to being creative, I spend lots of time in the water. You can find me swimming in the Columbia River most days of the week, all throughout the year, even in the winter, when the water gets just below 40°F! Nature and the beautiful creatures of this earth also inspire me.

As part of my career, I appreciate the opportunity to teach. I look forward to our journey together should you decide to take this class!


Instagram: @jennifermercede

Nuts & Bolts

– Lessons are prerecorded and instantly available upon signup.

– A private Facebook group and a Padlet group (for those not on FB) will be available for you to (optionally) share your artwork and enjoy and learn from the artwork of others. You may also email your teacher directly with questions or feedback.

– You will have indefinite access to this class.