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Flower Crazy with Carla Sonheim

Five-week workshop: Drawing, Painting and more!
15 Videos – 15 Assignments
$100. Available NOW as a self-study class. 

• Watercolors • Mixed Media Paintings • Collage • Board Books • and More! 

5-Week Painting Class
with Carla Sonheim


Hi, I’m Carla Sonheim. It’s cold and rainy in my neck of the woods, but NOT here inside my studio!

If you want to take the cold weather into your own hands with gesso, watercolor, and a healthy dose of flower fun, join me for an extended five-week long play time.

Over the past 15 years I’ve developed my own unique way of working with watercolors alone and combining them with gesso and other media that result in luminous, rich painted surfaces.

These techniques can be taken to paper, wood, and canvas, and we’ll work with all three surfaces during the course (plus a few other surprises!).

Some of the things we’ll play with:

white gesso
permanent markers
watersoluable markers
colored pencils
white ink

This painting class (which will also include both drawing and collage assignments) builds week-by-week, so that by the end you can take your new-found tips, tricks, and flower love to your journals, paintings, altered books, and even your furniture, if you like!

I have been somewhat of an online class junkie 😀 in the past year and must say [Flower Crazy] is the best one I’ve ever done!” — Anne

* * * 

With your sign-up you will receive:

• 15 professionally produced instructional HD Videos

• Weekly step-by-step photo tutorials at the blog

• Daily inspirational posts (M-F)

• Daily drawing assignments (optional)

• Dedicated flickr site where you’ll receive encouragement and feedback
from me and your fellow travelers

• Password-protected blog,which will serve as our meeting place (when not over at flickr)

• Unlimited access to the class material (That’s right! Once you’ve paid,
the class will be up and available for you to access “forever.”)



• Your itinerary:

Week One: Watercolor Crazy
markers and pencils
watercolors made easy
layering, dry brush, and experimental mark-making
flower vocabulary

Week Two: Gesso Crazy
gesso on watercolor
watercolor on gesso
texturing 101
rub and buff

Week Three: Wood Crazy
preparing the wood
white out
gesso on wet watercolor
layers and layers

Week Four: Collage Crazy
making your own fodder
collage first
collage last

Week Five: Flower Crazy Board Books (and other fun stuff)
preparing the books
going nutty
installation idea
fabric tips
and more!

Register today!




I’m happy to answer any questions! Please email me at and I’ll get right back to you!

Click here for your full supply list.


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"Table Top: Drawing & Painting" by Diane Culhane!

Tabletopclassblogbig2   culhanebowl1

A Two-Week Workshop

Now available as a self-study class.

Diane Culhane’s Online Class: Table Top Drawing & Painting (via Carla Sonheim) from Silly U on Vimeo.
Hi, my name is Diane Culhane.
“Table Top” is a term I have created to explore the traditional “Still Lifes” within our contemporary lives. Joining the definition of still life: a visual fine art term, representational painting or drawing of inanimate objects, such as fruits, flowers, etc. “Table Tops” will echo the same type of inanimate objects.
Inside of this class, the foundation will be set based on fabulous old master’s still life paintings, such as; cubist painter Paul Cezanne, Pierre Bonnard, and Matisse.
Students – you – will transform your experience with the tradition of still life, practiced by many throughout the ages, into something uniquely all your own, changed by imaginative approaches via various innovative approaches in this class.
Starting with drawing, during a dining experience, ending up with acrylic painting. Line will be deeply explored and color of prismacolor pencils too on to various surfaces.

See. Experience. Draw. Color. Paint.

get ready get ready get ready.

• Each M-W-F you’ll wake up to a morning peptalk email with links to your demonstration video and drawing or painting assignment. Tuesdays and Thursdays are “work/comment” days. Weekends are off.
• A password-protected blog dedicated to your class will be the meeting place for the above.
• A flickr group will be created for this class so you can (optionally) share your drawings, paintings, and enjoy and learn from the artwork of others. (However, if you are shy about posting your art, Diane is always available to look at your work privately via email.)
• Class material great for both kids and adults (class fee is good for participants living in a single household).
• The class materials will be up and available for one year after your class purchase.
• Upon registration, you will receive an email within 48 hours confirming your sign-up. The week before your workshop begins, you will receive a “test” email to make sure you can receive/view everything.
• What you will need: You will need to be able to view videos via vimeo.
Lesson 1: Gathering Together/Dining
Start the class by drawing your dining experience. Will talk about line quality, perspective, editing, and more.
Lesson 2: Table Top/Basket, Bowl, Fruit
Playing with and understanding color choices; composition; Prismacolors on black substrate
Lesson 3: Table Tops/Glass Bottles
Will move to transparent bottles of various shapes, sizes, colors; Prismacolors on vellum
Lesson 4: Glazing
Glaze with acrylic paints and gel mediums on watercolor paper
Lessons 5 & 6: Table Top Acrylic Paintings
Layering from bottom to top with acrylics paints and light molding paste; wood and/or canvas.

* * *

dianebioDiane Culhane is a professional artist and art educator who lives West Seattle in a 1910 home, and works out of her studio in Ballard Building C. She received her BFA from the University of Utah and Master’s Degree from Seattle University.
Diane has taught for The Bellevue School District, Seattle Pacific University, Kirkland Arts Center, Bellevue Arts Museum and currently directs and owns Kelsey Creek Fine Art School for children in the summer.
Visit her website at:

* * *

– basket, bowl, tablecloth, fruit, bottles
– black tag board or black construction paper
– Prismacolor colored pencils: set of 12 or 24 (Diane recommends “Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils“)
– pencils — soft 2B-6B
– ball point pen, vellum paper
– gessoed watercolor paper – 6″x6″
gel media gloss
– 2 canvases – small sizes 8″ x 8″ , or wood panels ,
– Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel
– Golden Light Molding Paste
– fluid acrylic paints, such as Golden, Liquitex, or Daniel Smith (red, yellow, blue, white)
– sketchbook, pens – Diane loves to use Micron archival ink sizes 03, 05, 08.
– two flat brushes; one medium and one small
– a fan brush and a liner brush

Next session begins November 3rd… Sign up today!
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Gelli Plate Printmaking – Introductory Class

This class is now available as a self-study class.
This class is now available as a self-study class.
* * *
The monotype printing process is something that got me really excited about art over 20 years ago. You never know what you’re going to get, and I love the myriad of textures and patterns!
The new, inexpensive product called “Gelli Plate” allows you to create beautiful monotypes without a press, using materials anyone has in their studio.
Gelli2  gelli4
When I posted these online recently, artist Christine Phelps asked: “These really take the Gelli Plate from a crafting to fine art level! Do you have a class brewing?”
gelli12   gelli5
Yes! “Gelli Plate Printmaking” is a quick, technique-based, $25 class and includes three professionally produced videos demonstrating how to achieve beautiful results with minimal supplies.
What you need is:
— a Gelli Plate (a product by Gelli Arts that looks and feels like gelatin)
— a brayer
— acrylic paint
— scissors
— paper
One student wrote:

“Wow!! I’ve done monotype printing before and even played a bit on the gelli plate, but this was game changing!”

Warning: Gel printing is addictive!
(Note: All my classes have indefinite access, the videos and class materials will be up and available to you “forever.”)
Sign up today!